Preferred Environment : Darkness, underworld, graveyards Cost : 25 Powers : Familiar, underworld perception, Speed of a Wraith, Dark Synergy, death watch

Character : Death is the last event in life. Some people hold on to what they had in a vain hope of feeling alive. Most leave after a time but some become bitter and hatred to life. The Wraith is there to brings the ones that don’t want to go into the karma back to it. He is a cold, hate people that take life for granted and hermits himself from the rest of society.

Ban : Having seen death himself, Wraith knows the fear of dying but also understands the reasons why people must die. Wraith will help the fallen ones when his help is called for by the damned. He will also hunt down the Dark Spirits that are trying to sap the energy of the living. The Spirits can loose control of there form, they evolve into a being called Spectors.


Wraith Sense : The player can sense energy that will cause him harm before time. The player can use it`s initiative to dodge 1 attack per action but this takes up her free action.

Familiar : the player has a free familiar of a rating 5 without the expenditure of karma

Underworld perception : Can project into the underworld.

Speed of the Wraith : She has a +6 reaction and a +2d6, also runs with a multiplier of x5 and Blur (as the adept power)

Dark Synergy : Can engulf himself or a object into the energy of the underworld. Adds a +4 to power code and a +1 damage lvl. This power cannot be used with any technological weapons. (guns, missles, other)

Death Watch : can see the heal lvls of anybody the players looks at.

Future powers

  • wraith form
  • fear
  • howl


Venice Niniel