The Dogs

Territory : Guidecca West. Gambling dens, brothels and industrial warehouses. The industrial parts were deserted after the city-ban of hard industry.

Trades :
  • Security
  • Gambling
  • Prostitution (low levels)

Look : Grime cake clothes, almost solid from the dirt and oil. Dirt as battle marking and war paint, carefully applied. Favor crunched and hunched positions, in an attempt to look more animalistic. Dental implant to replace canines with dog teeth.

Notes : Grew after Shadow-Purge when Doberman took in street kids left without their support network. Trainees are called Mutts and have no individual names. Initiates get additional bio-implants to be able to hear ultra-sounds. They can then select a name for themselves.

Hang Out : Training centre. 3 small wharehouses that had communication passages built to link them together.
  • Right: Shooting range.
  • Middle : Sparring ground (ring) and sparring dummies (wood, steel and automatons).
  • Left : Lounge. Sells basic soy food and water. Feature 3 sofas, a tv and game system (brand new). Hang-out of the Mutts. Doberman probably sleeps here. Small functional bathroom/shower in the back.

Named members : Doberman Dorian Felipe Kelly Robert

The Dogs

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