Soul Blade

Bond of Blades: free
Bond Of Flesh: 100 Karma must have 4 lvl Sentience
Bond of Souls: 200 Karma Must have 8 lvl Sentience
Perfect Soul: 300 Karma Must have lvl 12 Sentience


  • 0 Free
  • 25 Must have Bond of Flesh
  • 50 Must have Bond of Souls
  • 75 Must have Perfect Soul 100

0 – Gives Mastery. Improved Initiative melee 1 power blow 1
1 – Improved Ini 2 + melee lvl 2 power blow 2
2 – Improved ini 3 + melee 3+ power blow 3
3 – Last Level: Improved Ini 5 +melee 5 power blow 5

Prime and enchantment

Prime: 5 to 15 Depending on what the players wants…..
Prime: Get power ability (like immortality, regen, Invis, Astral percep, Astral Projection, Aid (as allies) etc)

Enchantment: Add a Phys Ad power to blade (all got to be centered AROUND THE SWORD like melee sense NOT ADHESION)

Sentience: Rating 1 to 12

Costs to increase

Sentience: cost lvl x 3
Enchantment: lvl x 5


Bond of Blades: Gives master the +2 dice to all defensive maneuvers….

Bond to flesh: Gains power meld for weapon, can always locate if lost or throw can summon blade if fallen add 1/4 sentience to player Ratings Always stable if in over flow

Perfect Soul: Distance Strike +3 lvl melee +3 power blow +shattering blow Remove ALL reach of opponent add Sentience to player Stats

Bond of Souls: If blade or Player lives can cast Resurrection on other to live Add 1/2 rating to all player stats (charisma, int, will)

Soul Blade

Venice Niniel