Luck Stealer

The Luck stealer was created trough genetic manipulation, in an attemp to bestow the fate manipulation powers of the Great Dragons unto Metahumans. Most attemps failed, as the highly magical nature of the dragon overwhelms the “base” DNA of metahumanity. Those who are not stillborn or survive the GeneTherapy often develop massive mutations as they strive to ride the magic inside of them.


Luck Stealing: A luck stealer can absorb karma from those around them in two ways. By interacting with others in actions involving chance, the luck stealer does just that : it steals their luck. For every 10 minutes spent in those activities, he gains 2 karma. Those karma are stored in a separate pool that can equal the luck stealer karma pool /2. They can also rip-it from an unwilling victim trough a physical attack. In those cases, they can harvest a maximum of 1 karma per attack.

Fate manipulation : As the Dragon ability. Spending one Karma allows the Luck Stealer to alter faith… he can either re-roll his dices as usual, or force his opponent to re-roll his successes.

Fast Karma : initiation grants the Luck Stealer an additional personal Karma point as well as bringing up his magical rating.

Drake Form : After 2 initiation, the Luck Stealer may develop a drake-form that he can shape-shift into.


Karma Burn : Karma points spent by the Luck Stealer cannot be recovered at the end of the game session. Once spent, they are removed from the player’s total Karma Pool. The same thing goes for Team Pool Karma. To refill those pool, the players has to spend 1 XP for each pool.

Slow growth : The first 2 magic points gained trough initiation cannot be used by the Luck Stealer.

Hunted : As bred Drakes. Corportations and Great Dragons alike are interested in Luck Stealer, either as lab subjects, servants or preys.

Luck Stealer

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