Artefact for a previous wave of magic, the Golem was made of highly polished rock, carved with rune that were filled with orichalchum. it took a coalition to stop it, as it was created, designed and used as a formidable war weapon. The construction of the Golem was lost, but a Vital Spark was sacrificed in the design of each major part. The “head” was the sacrifice with the stronger potential and could thus dominate the others, drawing from them an untold source of power.

The Golem is an entity of cold logic, immense power and fanaticism. it follows it`s own creed and codes. Re-activating it would equal unleasing a scourge over the Earth.

Each section is powered by a sacrificed soul, though their individual power is much less then the power of the artefact as a whole. The player can choose to invest Initate points into a section rather then into themselves, unlocking more potential. Unless noted otherwise, the following powers are Character Creation level. The various limbs can communicate with the players. At character creation the communication can only be done through dreams.


Left Arm
Range: The left arm has the range attack and defense capabilities. Below are the starting powers.
  • “smartlink” (+2 to any range touch rolls, with any range weapon)
  • Gyromount (3 recoil compensation)
  • Magic eater : user gains 1/2 magic rating as a sorcery pool to counter spells targeted at them. Innefective against AoE magic.
  • Magic return : Any spell completely countered by the magic eater ability can be saved into one of the runes carved on the arm and sent back at any subsequent time. There is Magic rating /2 runes available to the user.
  • 1/1 armor
Right Arm



Speed and movement

  • Regen 3 or 5
  • Armor 6/6 makes all armor hardened.
  • Casting ability
  • Casts using power words (single actions)
  • No Drain (drain transferred to a limb, to environmental, or to specified target)
  • Army of one (no penalties for multiple opponents)
  • Dual Nature vision
  • Perfect Vision (low light, thermo, imaging… can never be blinded)

Note : using the head component on a player effectively kills that Character. Yes, this is a Head of Vecna type of artefact. The smart player gathers the pieces and assembles them as an object then locates a sacrifice.

10 creation points


Venice Niniel