Fixed powers


  • Nullify : Magix rating + intel. Acts as a counterspell. Reflexive, does not require actions.
  • Intangible : Takes a Complex. The caracter becomes intangible. No other powers can be used during this time same Lasers.
  • Laser : as the weapon. Charisma M, half impact.
  • Intensify : If using a laser weapon, add +2 to dmg and considered to have smartlink.
  • Speed : as Wired 3.
  • Glow : can emit light in any spectrum, up to magnesium flash (blinding). Takes a complex.
  • Absorb energy : can absorb light and energy fields.
  • Control light : dim, flicker, etc.


  • Minions : 1 per magic rating. each have a specilised use
  • Shadow armor : must be in shadows. Half magic rating. Dissapears in bright light (flash grenade included)
  • Shadow step : Magic rating x 10 meters
  • Arms of the abyss : Intel M Stun damage. can be used to entangle and pick up objects. Can be projected via shadow step.
  • See in darkness : well duh.
  • Stealth bonus : as camouflage 1.


  • Can fall from any height no problem.
  • Can create barriers (as mage spell)
  • Can inflict additional G on target (magic rating/2). Each level removed 1 dice initiative.
  • Armor 6/6 at all time.
  • Can fly. Speed = magic rating x 100 km/h
  • Create gravity-vaccum around enemies : immobilize.

Fixed powers

Venice Niniel