Book of Truth

Somes Mundus Fides

Ancient book. More then one might exist in the world. This particular copy was one of the first books printed by Guthemberg. The reader always finds that the text reflects the world in the purest truth – from his point of view-. Multiple readers can read completely different versions of the text.

Reading the text out loud causes reality to shift paradigm to align itself with the perception of the reader. Some specialized effects can be derived from this as stated below.


1. Isolate subject.

The subject is cut of from the flow of reality, no longer affected by causality, or normal physical rules. Can be used to ignore the ebbs of the magic eras.

Inflict Subject.

A subject`s sense of truth is distorted and he is brought into the new paradigm, as dictated by the reader.

Influence Zone.

A specified zone will begin operating under “natural” rules such as specified by the reader. Unsuccessful use of this effect can created unstable zone, as the global paradigm seeks to repair this “hole” in it’s fabric.

Seal Zone.

The zone will be inaccessible until the requirements are met (until the global paradigm is aligned with that of the reader). Note that the reader cannot access a zone once it is sealed.

Shift Global paradigm.

Requires reading the whole of the text at once, with conviction and with a clear truth in mind. If multiple visions are involved, the world will try to adapt but the results are chaotic. In past examples, requires a form of sacrifice, as the universe realigns to the reader`s perception. This ritual can be resisted if it’s activation is known and a large number of person concentrate of keeping their reality whole. Likely to cause global cataclysm while the conflict lasts.

Book of Truth

Venice Niniel