The story so far

Zem Chemical’s experiments have stopped flooding the streets. The waves of Death hare ignored by the news, as they mostly happenned in the poor part of town anyways. However, some basic “peace” of the city is breaking. After the silence of the Purge, the streets of Giudecca are filled with the whispers of conflict between the Flames and the Zephyrs. The Dogs are simply holding their grounds as the soldiers gather and the mass of the lost slowly gain momentum.

Shaken by the brutal execution of Lt. Rafferty and his Squad as much as by the rendered-public declaration of the troll. Knight Errand is finding it’s position questioned, for the first time in a decade.

Rendered bold by the gains made in Zurich, Cross is attempting to chip more of the continent from Ares. Renraku is still developing Project Akiya, slowly unraveling truth from her flesh and, discretely, looking for the maker of the doll she now sleeps with and talk to.

Zem Chemical also would be interested in her magic-dead cells. Immunity is a treat they had not counted on…or had dared pray for. Corrupted or sealed from magic, the result is the same : the human soul eventually decays.

War in the streets as gangs vie for territory and ideals. But in the east the Vors are stirring. The Wolves of Winter, having gotten their guide stones back, will take the time to establish a plan rather then risk open war. But they are coming, like the cold wind chasing rays of sun.



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